Unsigned Circles (2005)

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Perhaps the greatest mystery of the 21st Century, Crop Circles are complex designs appearing suddenly in farmlands around the world with greater and greater frequency. Are they the warnings to us from higher intelligence, or merely the “artwork” of earthly pranksters? In this compelling documentary from filmmaker Poppy Paulos, you will travel to England’s Wiltshire countryside- the epicenter of this enigmatic and frightening phenomenon- and experience first-hand newly discovered Crop Circles, many of them being the most extraordinary formations that have appeared in recent years.

Host and interviewer John Rixey Moore introduces us to today’s leading Crop Circle investigators, including Linda Moulton Howe, Michael Glickman, Lucy Pringle, and Freddy Silva. The music by David Kingston, himself a Crop Circle investigator, weaves a haunting underscore to this sweeping visual tapestry that is at once entertaining–and frightening. From cinematographer Holt Haynsworth’s sweeping aerial shots to up-close, ground-level excursions into the Crop Circles themselves, Unsigned Circles is a journey you will never forget.

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