Abandoned Ruins on Mars

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Investigation of another city found on Mars (not Cydonia). He points out how many of the objects (pentagonal shape) cannot be natural. There are paths and what appear to be abandoned ruins on an older city. It appears a very advanced civilization once existed on Mars.

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5 Responses to “Abandoned Ruins on Mars”

  1. I donno guys. It doesn’t make sense that if there are very old abandoned buildings that we can easily see, then why are we sending the mars rover to to look for water in the desert. NASA Says if there is water then maybe there was once life on Mars. Well if there are buildings there then there obviously once was life on Mars. More bang for the buck that NASA spends on these rovers and such.
    It looks to me like these could be like when one makes shapes out of a cloud. Imean if there was really a city then shouldn’t expensive NASA TEch. be used on exploring these structures and not looking for ice cubes? What do you think?

  2. Do you really think NASA will tell us everything? I dont think they are telling us the whole extent of their missions.

  3. Adam, Jed, our govt does all that it can to keep the citizenry mystified, puzzled, befuddled and bemuddled. It’s never about doing the right thing, the practical thing, for the good of the people, never. It’s only about control and power and keeping us in the dark. Transparency? Ha. The more we are confused and kept in the dark, even terrorized the more we beg big bro to protect and help us. Who feels secure in our country today? Thanks to Big Bro.
    If we were self governing people we would be colonized on Mars already. But fret not, the end is near.

  4. @ Adam: NASA stands for Never a Straight Answer. Who knows what the Mars missions actually entail? – This documentary was fascinating at very least. The statue struck me as the most visible and intellegent design.

  5. Look Nasa has been hiding the truth since they discovered the face on Mars. They want to be the first nation there so that they can find out things to get more power and knowledge…they don’t care about exploration or about finding life because, they already have…they have to hide the truth because of greed and power and what they can get out of the missions.

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