UFO and ET Documentaries

Featured Video: The Journey: The UFO Case Of Anthony Woods

Sigh7ings presents revealing documentaries and interviews exposing the truth behind UFO’s and Alien Intelligence from ancient times until today. These well researched full length docs examine official evidence from government sources as well as digging deep in to the mounting evidence that has been hidden from public view.

We travel around the world from mass sightings in Mexico and the USA to Crop Circles and Ancient Monoliths in the UK to historic sightings in Europe and evidence of alien contact in South America and China hundreds of years ago. Videos also look at UFO sightings beyond our planet such as NASA UFO footage, structures on Mars and astronaut and cosmonaut reports.

Many credible witnesses contribute to these documentaries including military and law enforcement personnel, UFO and Alien authors and experts, professional video and photo annalists, government officials, abductees and experiencers, celebrities and everyday citizens like you and I. As the evidence grows so do the questions, why are we being visited? what message do these beings bring? are we in danger and where do we go next at the dawning of this new age of human existence?

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